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Fishnet Knee Highs

Fishnet Knee Highs

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Women's knee-high socks in a timeless fishnet pattern with tiny eyes , decorate the legs from the toes to the knee. Kabarette 151 patterned knee-high socks are a fashionable accessory that will catch the eye of women who follow trends. A non-pressure, decorative drawstring keeps them in the right place. 


✔ fishnet knee socks

✔ fishnet stockings with tiny eyes

✔ pressure-free cuff


Patterned fishnet knee-high socks delight with their timeless design. The lack of a marked heel increases wearing comfort.  Fishnet knee-high socks do not have a marked toe, so they can be matched even to open-toe shoes. The elastic, wide cuff does not squeeze and allows you to keep women's knee-high socks in the right place.


Gabriella women's knee-high socks are made of extremely elastic fabric with the addition of LYCRA fibers, thanks to which they fit perfectly to the body, without pressing it or imprinting on the skin. Fashionable women's knee-high socks Kabarette 151 are available in three colors: beige (beige), white (bianco) and in a classic black shade (nero).

Fashion tip:
  Knee-high fishnet socks are a perfect replacement for fishnet tights in everyday styling and add a fashionable twist to the style.


✔ women's knee -high socks
✔ fishnet knee-high socks , fine meshes
✔ tights knee -high socks
✔ non-pressing cuff
✔ elastic fibers
✔ no marked part on
the heel ✔ no marked toe part
✔ 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
✔ made in Łódź

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