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Magic Bra

Magic Bra Strapless & Backless

Magic Bra Strapless & Backless

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 Sculpting Silicon Bra gives you that perfect celebrity cleavage that turns heads everywhere you go.


THE SOLUTION BRA: All girls need that extra 'perk-me-up' especially when wearing dresses and tops with tricky necklines. 

LIGHTWEIGHT & NATURAL FEELING: This bra is soft to touch and natural to look at. This bra will give you maximum comfort + allow you to move freely.

NO SLIPPING! SUPPORTS, LIFTS & SHAPES: Magically brings your assets together. It enhances the overall appearance of your bust by allowing you to shape & lift your breast tissue to your desire. 

REUSABLE & ALLERGY FREE: This bra will keep your bust supported and perky. The bra itself is reusable and can be worn up to 50 times. 

SIZE GUIDE: Easy. Just select your usual cup size (A-F) and don’t even worry about the band size. 

Silicone, strapless and invisible!

Bra is Reusable 50 - 100 times!


1- Remove bra from box.
2- Loosen the clip on ties partially.
2- Place bra on your breasts.
3- Pull end of string ties, while pulling up the clip. 
4- Enjoy the lift! 


After each use, show your push up some love.

  1. Gently hand wash with water and mild soap in a circular motion on the cups after each use. 
  2. Rinse and shake off the excess water and air dry it by leaving the adhesive facing down
  3. Once dried, replace the plastic sheet provided with the bra on the adhesive
  4. Store the bra in a dust-free environment

Please avoid the use of hot water, bleaching agents, or other cleaning solutions as it will damage the adhesive. Do take extra care as scratches (from fingernails, sharp surfaces, brushes, etc..) will result in permanent damage to the adhesive. 

We advise against machine washing, soaking, towel drying, and tumble drying to ensure that the adhesive remains in excellent condition. 

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