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Spotted Anklet

Spotted Anklet

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 Women's socks with dots of various sizes decorate the legs, adding a fashionable twist to the styling. Socks with dots of various sizes, larger dots on top and smaller dots on the bottom, attract attention. The dots embroidered on the sock are slightly darker than the background. The decorative cuff keeps women's polka-dot socks in the right place and does not squeeze the legs.

✔ fashionable pattern
✔ dotted socks
✔ pressure-free cuff


Women's Ebi tights socks attract attention with their expressive pattern. The lack of a marked heel and toe allows you to combine patterned socks with various shoes, including open-toe shoes. Invisible reinforcement on the toes makes women's tights socks more durable and more resistant to pulls.

The elastic cuff in the dominant color of the sock does not squeeze the legs and allows you to keep the patterned socks in the right place. The socks are available in three colors, from which you will certainly choose your favorite, regardless of your preferred style.

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