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Linda Hartman

Unisex Silk Cuffed Leggings

Unisex Silk Cuffed Leggings

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These are a unisex heavy warm 100% stretchy cotton 1 x 1 rib knit legging, not to be confused with cotton/spandex jersey leggings (see similar products below), sewn with cotton thread and are ready to dye. They are more "deluxe" because they are a heavier fabric and have a covered elastic waistband, unlike the original "t"-pant we used to carry, which was more like underwear. These also have a wide rib knit cuff. They are cut oversize so they will shrink to fit, and long legged enough for men too. Great for PJ bottoms!

These come in both kids and adult sizes, so the whole family can match - think tie-dye for the summer, red for the holidays, whoa, let your imagination go!

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