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Verena Designs Yasmine Batiste Lawn Cotton Gown

Verena Designs Yasmine Batiste Lawn Cotton Gown

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Yasmine Collection

 It's all designed and produced in High Point, North Carolina. Even the cotton for the lingerie has been hand-selected, meeting Veréna's exacting guidelines for color and softness (guidelines, incidentally, that computers have not figured out how to reproduce).

 The end result is something that can simply not be copied.

A combination of genteel elegance and luxurious comfort, these creations are truly made with love. And, as customers ranging from movie stars to British royalty will attest, they quickly become some of the best-loved pieces in our intimate wardrobe.

Approximately 50" in length, this 100% Cotton Woven Batiste dress is crafted in the USA.


Verena Yasmine Short Gown YE1365 | Women's

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