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Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel ACH0313 Sublime en Dentelle Brief

Lise Charmel ACH0313 Sublime en Dentelle Brief

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Lise Charmel ACH0013

  • Sublime en Dentelle high brief lingerie range by Lise Charmel brand.
  • We like : the precious know-how of Lise Charmel.
  • Considered as a true work of art, Sublime en Dentelle high brief made of black Calais Leavers lace attracts curiosity from women loving luxe lingerie.
  • Sublime en Dentelle high brief offers a bold light and see-through lace, underscored by a stylish floral embroidery.
  • The embroidery delicate floral patterns enhanced by the fishnet background of the high brief lets guess the sensual skin.
  • Sublime en Dentelle black colored high brief is a timeless chic charm full of sensuality.
  • The more and more trendy high waist brief underscores feminine curves, while being invisible under clothing.
  • We are dazzled by Sublime en Dentelle high brief, a true symbol of sophistication and femininity.
  • Lise Charmel creations are made to make us dream, and we love it!

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    LISE CHARMEL T0/T36 T1/T38-40 T2/T42 T3/T44 T4/T46 T5/T48 T6/T50 T7/T52 T8/T54
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